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The Best Fireworks in Canada!

The Best Fireworks in Canada!

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Smoke Grenades

Smoke Grenades

Looking for the best smoke grenades and smoke bombs around? Look no further than LONEWOLF FIREWORKS AND PIT STOP! We carry the most popular brands of smoke grenades and smoke bombs, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, our prices are unbeatable – so you can stock up and save big!

Smoke Grenades for Every Use

Smoke grenades are perfect for a variety of professional settings where color smoke is needed. Smoke bombs offer a cool-burning, non-toxic smoke formula in a variety of vibrant colors. The professional-grade Smoke Grenades are ideal for use in photography, filmmaking, and special effects. Smoke bombs have also been used in military and law enforcement training exercises to provide realism and simulating battlefield conditions. Smoke grenades provide an inexpensive, safe, and effective way to add color smoke to any professional setting.


When it comes to breath-taking effects, there's no competition. The output should be very engaging and story like


Pyrotechnics are an essential part of any combat simulation. They create the perfect ambiance for battle, making you feel like you're there!

TV & Film

The most popular choice for film directors and producers working in Hollywood.

Sports Events

The smoke effects we provide may help sports teams put on a spectacle that will be remembered.

Music Concerts

The use of strobe lighting is popular among musicians all around the world to give their performances a vibrant edge.

Military Training

Use cool-burning smoke bombs to practice for actual-life combat situations. When using smoke bombs for training

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