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The Best Fireworks in Canada!

The Best Fireworks in Canada!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Monday – Thursday 10am-6pm and Friday-Sunday 10am-9pm

When it comes to providing the greatest Fireworks at the best price, Lone Wolf Fireworks is the market leader. Nobody surpasses the Lone Wolf when it comes to purchasing all of your fireworks we have the lowest prices and tax free.

We do! We sell fountains, sparklers, and other small items as well as repeaters, mortars, and other airborne projectiles that create a magnificent display!

We do not offer refunds on any of our Firework items. We are unable to process returns due to the nature of our goods.


We understand that the numerous sorts of fireworks might be perplexing, so we have video samples of many of our products as well as a “Fireworks Effects” section on our website, which may be found here: How to light Fireworks. We also have lots of staff in our store who will happily answer any questions you may have.

There are so many incredible and vivid displays, but we’ve included samples of the most frequent ones below: Colorful Firework Effects. In addition, you may sort all our products by color and effect in that item.
Pick up or handle malfunctioning fireworks, DO NOT try to relight, soak with water as if they had ignited before throwing them away.
Fireworks should be kept cool, dry and away from flammable materials. Keep unneeded fireworks out of the reach of children. Fireworks can last for years if properly stored.


 Long Wolf Fireworks stores are open all year round.

Yes, when you buy fireworks, we insist that you verify your identity and age using a government-issued document. This is a policy at all Fireworks stores.

You need to be 18 years of age to buy and set off fireworks.

Yes! We welcome families and may even provide a sticker or crown for the kids!


Our Prices are lower then our competitors. 

We always have discounts, and pride ourselves on having the lowest prices.

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